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WELCOME TO my clinical education space for PAEDiaTRIC MUSCULOSKELETAL PHYsIOTHERAPY for clinicians.

thepaediatricphysio is now active for both PRivate and ACC patients

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Eloise Carella BSc(Hons), NZRPT, MPNZ


My name is Eloise, highly trained paediatric physiotherapist of over 12 years working with children and families and mum of 3 children. I am from Scotland where I began my career in the hospital setting after qualifying in 2006. I have moved twice to NZ, beginning my paediatric career in KidzFirst at Middlemore and Wiri Station Road as visiting neurodevelopmental therapist for a short period. I returned to Glasgow taking up a locum community role in paediatrics before I gained my role for 8 years at Glasgow Children's Hospital where I refined my expertise in musculoskeletal. My family and I have settled now in Auckland since 2018 where I became Practice Supervisor at Starship and as a physiotherapist in the private sector. Upon my return to the workplace I have dedicated my passion to learning and development building this education space for those of you who also have a passion in paediatrics. 

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Welcome to my education space for clinicians and their clinics to gain vital knowledge and skills in paediatric musculoskeletal physiotherapy. As we know children are unique and the fundamental approaches we learn, are not always relevant for children. I am passionate and excited to share my expertise with you and build a sustainable physiotherapy community with the success of managing our client's needs. I can do this by designing a bespoke training programme for you and your clinic, with mentorship or ongoing clinical advice. My tutorials can be tailored to any level of experience you have.  I understand as clinicians, our learning needs and spaces can vary, and my flexibility allows me to plan with you, your individual training and development needs. Does your clinic have the necessary skills to assess, diagnose and manage our children and families of Aotearoa, NZ?

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The tutorials will provide you with enhanced knowledge for your continued success of assessing and managing paediatric clients and their families. We can develop the correct education for your clinic. 


If you have a desire to build or continue to develop your career in paediatric physiotherapy. We can work together to increase your knowledge and expertise, to continue your growth as a clinician. 


One to one advice and information via phone, email & webinar on paediatric clients for enhanced clinical reasoning and guidance. This will give your clinic continued support as you feel it is required.


I can work with you to create a bespoke programme to maximise your training potential and clinic service needs. This will vary dependent on clinic size, case volumes & clinical experience.

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Normal Development

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Paediatric Assessment

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Growth Conditions

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Sports Injury & Education

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Paediatrics vs Adults 

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Paediatric Orthopaedics

These topics can be tailored and are only an example of the extensive area of musculoskeletal paediatrics that I can deliver to you and your clinic. For me to plan the professional development you seek, please contact me for a free initial discussion on how I can support your paediatric journey. 


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